Tuesday, May 11, 2004


I wake up turned on every day. When I'm lying in bed the
uncontrollable need to masturbate. It's possibly the one
thing that is always on my mind when in bed other than to

I have tons of different ways to do it, but one
way is to lie on my stomach and put both hands down there,
then massage my clit. mmm.... so, so good. After a few
minutes I get an orgasm. I sometimes lie on my back and
rub my clit, cupping my breasts and masaging my nipples.

This morning when I woke up I had just had a sex dream,
and needed to relieve the tension. It only took me five
minutes because of how fucking turned on I was.

The dream itself made my cunt wet, and I can remember
every detail- as I can with all my sex dreams. I've had
so many it's hard to keep some of the straight though.

I'm talking to my sexy-as-hell husband, I'm in the bathroom,
he's in the bedroom getting undressed to go to bed. I pull
off my bra and leave on this skirt, walking into the room
and smiling at him. Lust burns behind his eyes as he
makes his way over to me. I smile seductively, moaning
as he kisses me. He plants butterfly kisses across my
collarbone, down to my nipples. I moan louder when he
sucks my right breast, using his other hand to pull down
my red lace thong.

He allows it to slide down my legs, pooling at my feet.
Before I can react his free hand roams to my right breast.
He kisses me on the lips, massaging my breasts with his
hands. I'm led to the bed, (satin sheets) and he straddles
me, returning to my nipples. He runs his hands down my
sides, dragging his tongue down to my freshly-shaven cunt
lips. He looks at me breifly, then licks up and down
my slit, causing me to grasp the sheets in handfuls.
He delves his tongue deep into my core, tasting me. He
places two fingers inside my vagina, touching my g-spot
and causing me to shudder in ecstacy.

He drawls his fingers out of me, licking my juices from

That's when I woke up. Damned alarm clock! I didn't even
get to fucking orgasm! Shit shit shit! ::sigh::

Hope that caused a few pussies to wetten and a few cocks
to grow hard.

Monday, May 10, 2004

a new era

Welcome to my brand new blog. A place where I'll share my
deepest desires, fetishes, turn ons and everything else
sexual that I would never say in real life.

This is the stuff that I keep away from my regular blog,
which I will never share with you, so don't bother asking.

Here you can call me Vicky.

I'll try and make this blog as seductive as possible without
it turning into a total pornfest. I'm a girl so don't expect
to much frontal nudity. Although this blog will mostly be
about my fantasies and such don't expect it to be hardcore
porno. (Although I can't guarantee it totally porno-free)
Ha ha.

This is a spontaneous blog, so I might not update that